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Earn up to 30% Recurring Commissions for Each Sale

Earn recurring commissions while introducing entrepreneurs to a great network of training, community, and support. KOHA Inc. Affiliates earn 30% from product sales and 15% from services sales. Offer fellow entrepreneurs an opportunity to Network and see what it's Like to have like minds to connect with.

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Tiffany Denise Domena

Hi. I'm Tiffany Denise.

And, I've been an Affiliate Marketer since 2018.

Prior to starting my own membership site at How to Entrepreneur, my income was solely built from affiliate marketing. In fact, I still get a considerable income from affiliate marketing. I respect affiliates and try to make sure the KOHA Inc. affiliate program is one I'd want to be an affiliate of.

You'll have a nice dashboard with detailed analytics. My vow to you is that:

We'll offer promotions and specials that provide opportunities for you to boost your commissions.

We create products and services with ethics, we split commissions generously, we communicate like you're on our team (because you are), and we pay on time.

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FAQS About the Affiliate Program

What is the Application Process?

After you submit your email address on this page, you'll be sent to the KOHA Inc. Affiliate application.

We'll review your application and respond with questions if we have any, then approve or decline based on whether you're a fit for our affiliate program.

Who is the KOHA Inc. Affiliate program best for?

KOHA Inc. Affiliate program is best for affiliates in the niches of entrepreneurship, make money, personal finance, or business. Even if you periodically write about business or finance, KOHA Inc. could be an offer that converts well with your audience. Let's see!

We don't want to be misrepresented, promoted on sites where the audience wouldn't be relevant, on coupon sites, or sites with questionable ethics. As a result, we're careful about who we approve.


Does it cost to get started in the KOHA Inc. Affiliate program?

No. It's free.  

Are Commissions Held Before Release?

Yes. Commissions are held for 30 days to make sure there's no refund issues. After the 30 days, you'll be paid on the following payout date.

For example, if you earned commissions on July 15, we'd hold the commission for 30 days until August 15, and pay you in the first week of September. 

When are commissions paid?

We value your partnership. As a result, we pay during the 1st week of the month.

 How much are the commissions?

Commissions are 30% (even on recurring offers) unless otherwise informed.  

How does it work?

You'll get paid a commission for each sale you refer us thru your affiliate link. This can lead to recurring revenue and potentially, a very lucrative income.


What are You Waiting for? Become an Affiliate

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