Finally, You can Hand off the Work of Building your Sales Funnel, and Shortcut your Entry to Making Sales



I don't know how you did it girl! You took what would've taken me 6 months or more, and did it in one week!

— Debra Y., Ignite client


You know you want to start making sales online, but you're overwhelmed by the idea of building a sales funnel, designing graphics, setting up tech, writing sales copy, and setting up a traffic plan.

Let's face it--there's nothing more frustrating than studying what to do, but feeling like you can't make progress because you're confused or too busy to even do the beginning tasks that start making you sales! Your spending time working on your business (researching, buying courses, paying for inventory, getting trademarks, incorporating, etc.), only to feel like you're spending time and money endlessly, and never actually feeling like you're doing meaningful tasks that make you money. And there's nothing more disheartening than spending lots of time on something you want really bad--only to feel like you don't have much to show for it.

You've seen the entrepreneurs on Youtube, TV, and websites all over who seem to have things all figured out and make a "killin" because of it. Maybe you've even tried funnel software, running ads, or other digital marketing strategies.

And yet, it's not quite working.

Your funnel isn't converting. Your website isn't getting the traffic and sales you want. Your ads are turning into a money pit. And, you're not making much (maybe not any money at all) online.

Other people make it look easy. But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that the hard part was going to be comprehending what needs to be done, but you've found out that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

And guess what? You are missing something.

The truth is that building a funnel, writing copy that converts, and creating a plan to drive traffic isn't for everyone. There is a surplus of information and courses out there, and if more information was what everyone needed, we'd be seeing much more success online than we are.

The problem?

  • Setting a website setup that stands out in the market
  • Designing the website to look credible
  • Creating graphics (mockups, web graphics, email graphics)
  • Setting up your email service and integrations
  • Setting up your e-commerce platform
  • Choosing technology that can scale as you grow
  • Creating your first (or next offer)
  • Setting up ads with high chances of profitability
  • And getting all of these things complete when it's your first time accomplishing some of these things...

Is impossible if you're new to these things, you don't have the RIGHT mentorship, the RIGHT software, the RIGHT amount of experience, and you're trying to do too much at once.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?

She is an amazing Coach, always there when you needs her, she constantly follow ups on me and my business, offering assistance and she is a motivator and very understanding. She helped me in making the best life changing decision of my life which is setting up an online business. And she is still assisting me in making sure i am in the right direction.

— Bella V.


And I want to help you Get Your Sales Funnel up and Running for Good!

Can I save you time by setting your Sales Funnel up for you?

I'm a mom, wife, military veteran, and the founder of How to Entrepreneur.

When I started my online business, I had a few advantages. I loved to write. In fact, I've written and published 15 books in multiple formats (written, audio, and digital) within two years!

And, I've posted more than 500 blog posts within two years (nearly 1 million words of content!) while having two young kids at home and many responsibilities.

I loved doing graphic design, so I was able to design my own book covers, my own social media graphics, and my own web assets.

I loved web design, so the tech or copywriting usually doesn't intimidate me. In fact, I play around with my websites and design even as a hobby (when I know I'm not fidgeting with things for profit)!

And, I know my interest in copywriting, web design, web software, and graphic design isn't everyone's "cup of tea". In fact, I've offered Ignite services to clients before I called it that, and they each felt so much relief by handing off their overwhelming tasks to me.

When they got their projects back, they had what they thought would take them 6 months, done in 1-2 weeks! I'd love to help you cut some fat from your schedule and ignite your sales online.

Tiffany is very honest and willing to give constructive feedback!

— Jamie T., Founder, My Boxing Life


Imagine having a Sales Funnel up and Running, so all you have to do is Serve your Customers

Imagine if in a Few Weeks From Now...

  • You had a clear plan of attack. You weren't just doing what you think needs to be done, or what you see others doing. Instead, you're able to steer your business with focus, clarity, and confidence.
  • You know exactly what work to do to grow your business most. No more browsing the internet in search for business idea after business idea, training after training, or tactic after tactic.
  • You have a website that's set up. You're not fidgeting with Wordpress, Shopify, or other website builders. Instead, everything is set up for you.
  • You have an email funnel set up. You're not second-guessing what you should be doing to make sales via email.
  • You have a clear lead magnet and entry level offer honed in and at least set up for pre-order. No more struggling to get new prospective customers in your funnel, or browsing all over the internet trying to figure out what type of business you should start or what products and services to sell.
  • You have a clear core offer idea honed in. No more staying stuck choosing an offer that makes your business profitable.
  • You have clear income goals and forecasts. No more shooting in the dark with how much money you can make and what's realistic versus what's not.
  • You have a traffic plan. You're not confused about how you'll get new prospective customers to your business.
  • You have clarity about what metrics to watch to monitor your funnel health. No more fumbling around Google Analytics, and every other analytics dashboard aimlessly; without knowing what's good and bad.

I needed help with getting more sales to my website. She took a look at site and suggest that I take a different avenue. I am more excited than ever before and look forward towards implementing these changes.

Tiffany is what I call a people's person. She really cares and wants to see people succeed. I love that quality the most, her sincerity to want to help make a difference in people's lives.

 – Roopesh Govind, CEO, Passive Income for All


The Shortcut You've Been Looking for to Get Your Sales Funnel Set Up.

The Ignite funnel-building service is a done-for-you service package that removes the overwhelm you're likely to experience when you're starting out online by eliminating the tech, copywriting, graphic design, and web design that commonly gets y you stuck.

With the Ignite services, you can hand off the process of setting up your home base online, and we'll set up your website funnel, email funnel, e-commerce, tech integrations, and traffic plan, so you can begin making sales online.

Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.” 

 –Denzel Washington, Actor


A 4-Stage Process to Get Your Sales Funnel Set Up.

Rather than pay for a course, try piecing together freelance projects, or being upsold and upsold until you've paid huge amounts to get your sales funnel setup, the Ignite program is a 4-step process to go from start to finish. When it comes to getting your sales funnel setup online, we work to build four key components that drive sales online for all types of businesses.

- S T A G E O N E -


In the branding stage, we're making sure you have branding assets that build trust and create a solid reputation for your company.

We make sure you have a logo, brand style guide, entry product logo, and product mockups.

- S T A G E T W O -


In the home base stage, we're making sure you have highly-optimized pages on your website to initiate your customer buying journey.

We build your homepage, optin page, thank you page, entry offer sales page, and optins.

- S T A G E T H R E E -


In the email stage, we're making sure you're onboarding prospective customers in a way that builds trust and makes them confident you can help them.

We build your email account, welcome sequence, automations, and integrations.

- S T A G E F O U R -


In the e-commerce stage, we make sure your customers experience a high-level checkout experience.

We set up your e-commerce account, build your checkout pages, and give you directions to set up your products in an automated way.

"If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before."

 –J Loren Norris


With the Ignite Done-for-You Services, You'll Get Your Funnel Setup for You (Plus Assets that'll Help you Manage your Funnel Health Ongoing)

When you purchase The Ignite done-for-you Services, here's what you'll get...

A Branding Package

The Ignite done-for-you services includes a foundational branding package

  • Logo Design (if you don't have that yet)
  • Product mockups (for your Lead Magnet and Entry Level Offer)
  • Web Graphics (for your landing pages)
  • A Brand Style Guide (to keep the colors and fonts uniform)

A Sales Optimized Website (with Content)

The Ignite done-for-you services includes building a sales optimized website--that means you'll get:

  • A Sales-Optimized Homepage (using a template that's already been tested for conversions)
  • A Sales-Optimized Thank You page
  • A Sales-Optimized Entry-Offer page

Email Service Setup (with automation setup)

We'll set up your email service account, write your email Welcome sequence, and integrate your email service with your sales-optimized website.

E-Commerce Setup (with email integrations)

We'll set up your e-commerce account, help you integrate it with Stripe and Paypal, and integrate your email service for follow-up.

FD Ad Setup (with pixel installation and audience setup)

We'll set up your e-commerce account, help you integrate it with Stripe and Paypal, and integrate your email service for follow-up.

BONUS: A Custom Dashboard For Managing Your Key Performance Indicators

Once we're done, we don't want you to be clueless about what needs to be done next, so we'll provide you with a custom dashboard to monitor your ongoing traffic plan and sales funnel health.


If you're not satisfied with the Ignite done-for-you services, let us know within 14 days of receiving completed work, and we'll do up to 5 rounds of revisions! No fine-print requirements.

"I have website that built 4 month ago. She helped me to reach my audience to promote my products with several ways."

 –Gokhan, CEO and Affiliate Marketer


These Services are Manually Provided by Yours Truly (Tiffany Domena)

Since I will manually be building the sales funnels, I can only take on a limited number of clients at a time, but I will continue to onboard new clients as I complete projects and grow my team.